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Teaching Methodology

Concept Building

Batch wise classrooms have limited students. This helps the teachers to deliver the concepts of on-going topic to students. The interaction-like asking questions/doubts-between students and teachers becomes feasible. The teachers can have a close monitor over the students.

Upadhye Classes Booklets

Subject wise and topic wise booklets are provided. This includes the precise & syllabus concerned material specially designed for a productive learning of a student.

Lecture Duration

Lectures durations are designed as 90mins per subject per day. This is performed keeping in mind the JEE & NEET syllabus. Lectures are effective with syllabus referred to State & National board along with preparation of competitive exams.

Work sheets and Question banks

Additional to our study material, worksheets that include researched DPPs (Daily Pratice Papers), in-lecture work sheets personally managed by our esteemed faculty & additional lecture wise homework are provided.

U-Test series

TA broadened system of tests which includes chapter wise, cumulative & full length series of tests are conducted. These are conducted both offline and online in a systematic approach for students. Tests and model solutions are provided after the score announcement. Following the score, the question are tracked and discussed with students in lectures by respective .

Difficulty solving sessions

Every subject holds difficulty solving sessions simultaneously with on-going lectures. The faculty of respective subjects monitor the student’s doubts and difficulties and arrange difficulty solving sessions on a regular basis to enhance and strengthen concepts for students.

Teaching methodology subject to COVID-19 guidelines

At Upadhye classes strictly abide to the Government rules and regulations with respect to COVID-19 situations. This said, if and when the GR requires the institute to conduct online classes, Upadhye Classes is fully equipped with full proof system to conduct online classes and test series with a dedicated faculty.