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Director DESK

DIRECTOR - Upadhye Sir

Dear student/ Parents,

A good student can become good examine ! How to make him good examine ? Being in education since 1985, we have understood this very concept. Students keep on studying seriously throughout the year and get ready for the examinations i.e for the theory and entrance examinations like JEE- Mains, IIT-JEE, Biotechnology etc. Thus it becomes very necessary to make them study, conduct lagrge number of tests, evaluate them, discuss the paper immediately, let students understand their shortcoming / faults, clear the concepts, repeat the tests, build the confidence step and so on.

The complete concept of our education institute is too practice discipline, determination and devotion in process of achieving student’s goal. With over 35 years of experience leading to factors like - the improved facilities for learning, the revised methodologies for pupil services, research and change respective of state and national educational spectrum and most importantly our work ethics sets us apart in such education sector. We strive and keep up to do so keeping in my mind that our gems-our students- are moulded for the betterment of their own future. Working towards excellence and success is the principle we work with.

We believe in teaching from the book as well as from our heart.

Our Team

Mr. Jayesh Sonawane

Academic Director - 11th Division

Mr. Sujeet Rajegoankar

Academic Director - NEET Division

Mr. Shrikant Upadhye

Administration Director

Mrs. Mrunal Upadhye

Academic Director - Counseling

Mrs. Snehal Yewale

Academic Director - Test Dept